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  About Agritourism
  Agricultural Tourism is the Holidays concept of Visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural, or agribusiness operations for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation.

In general, Agri-Tourism is the practice of attracting travelers or visitors to an area or areas used primarily for agricultural purposes.

However, Agri-Tourism is small-scale, low-impact, and, in most cases, education-focused. Because landowners operate the majority of farms in Maharasthra, opportunities for uniqueness and customization are limitless. Many agri-tourism activities require only a small farm crew in order to be successful. For instance, farm tours, bed and breakfasts, Tractor / bullock card rides, grapes, mangoes, and other horticulture farms, by product farms, birds / animal zoos, and many other activities may be operated with little additional investment in labor.

Below is the list of a few things that a farm operator may offer to tourists. The business operator is limited only by his or her own creativity.
  Overnight stays: Lodging and camping
  · Bed and breakfast
· Camp sites
· Youth camp
· Farm vacation (farm stays, feeding animals, picking fruit/vegetables)
· Day trips/picnics
· Weddings, receptions, honeymoons
  Special events and festivals
  · Music festivals
· Holiday celebrations
· Harvest festivals
· Rural Festivals/ Jatra
  Off the farm
  · Farmers' markets at taluka place
· Taluka Milk Collection centers Village fairs
· Roadside produce stands
One Day Tour Package
Breakfast Lunch
Evening Tea/ coffee
Farm tour & Sight seeing Rs.600/-
Children & Parents Summer camp,
2 nights and 3 days
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