The Concept

Agricultural tourism is a worldwide trend, which offers city dwellers a chance to escape urban concrete and re-discover their rural roots. Agricultural tourism is a relatively new market for tourists. The chance of interacting with individuals that one may not interact with on any level at any time involves the mystery that accompanies the occupation of this individual. The interaction of individuals with farm life also carries an educational aspect. People tend to enjoy learning about items and processes that they will not participate in directly. Agri-tourism or Agricultural tourism is becoming an important tourism development opportunities and more of the population have moved to the city and have lost their connection to where agriculture is produced “Agricultural Tourism” includes a set of economic and social activities that occur and link travel with the products, services, and experiences of agriculture.
Agricultural tourism is a type of tourism that has seen a boost in popularity within recent years. It allows people to stay at fully functioning farms in order to observe the work routines and activities that are undergone in the agriculture business on a day-to-day basis.

This is an excellent opportunity for many people to experience and learn about a lifestyle that is quite different than their own, often times in beautiful, peaceful, rustic settings.

What is AgroTourism?

Farm recreation refers to activities conducted on private agricultural lands, which might include overnight stays, educational activities, etc. This category of tourism is a subset of a larger industry known as agri-tourism. Agri-tourism is “a commercial enterprise at a working farm, or agricultural plant conducted for the enjoyment of visitors that generates supplemental income for the owner.”

Agritourism and nature-tourism enterprises might include:

  • Outdoor recreation.
  • Educational experiences
  • Entertainment (harvest festivals)
  • Hospitality services (farm stays, guided tours or outfitter services).
  • On-farm direct sales

Agri-tourism is a subset of a larger industry called rural tourism that includes resorts, off-site farmers’ markets, non-profit agricultural tours, and other leisure and hospitality businesses that attract visitors to the countryside.

Rural Tourism differs from agri-tourism in two ways. First, rural tourism enterprises do not necessarily occur on a farm or at an agricultural plant, they do not generate supplemental income for the agricultural enterprise.

Outdoor Recreation:

  • Bullock card Rides
  • Vittidandu
  • Gotya
  • Surparanbhya
  • Kabaddi
  • Langadi
  • Kho-Kho
  • Bullock Ploughing
  • Horseback riding
  • Buffalo riding
  • Watching Domestic Animals
  • Fishing
  • Camping/picnicking (combined)
  • Jeep Rides
  • Rural Games
  • Riding Motorcycle on the off road


Educational Experiences:

  • School tours
  • Garden/nursery tours
  • Winery tours
  • Agricultural technical tours
  • Historical agriculture exhibits
  • Crop sign I.D. program
  • Micro-brewery tours
  • Exotic animal farm
  • Poultry Farm Visits
  • Sugar Factory Visits
  • Wine/ Liquor Factory
  • Silk formation
Direct Agricultural Sales:

  • On-farm sales
  • Agriculture-related crafts/gifts

  • Bed & breakfast inn
  • Farm vacations/holidays



  • Festivals or fairs or Jatra
  • Kirtan
  • Baharud
  • Gondali
  • Lavani
  • Fugadi
  • Dohol Lezim



  • Guide/outfitter operation
  • Farmers’ market
  • Local Village Market